Borderline and Beyond- BPD Help

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開発者 Laura Paxton
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Described as like a "pocket therapist,*" this app contains a full e-book, progress tests, coping skill quick reference tools and more are here in this app. (self-help approach, compatible enhancement to DBT.) Laura Paxton also holds two masters degrees, one in psychology and a specialist degree in education.

Professional Reviews:

"This is an excellent book that I recommend to all that suffer from this disorder. Laura seems to have great insight into the thoughts, feelings and behavior of this disorder and has set up an excellent plan for recovery." -- Patty Johnson, MSW The Borderline Sanctuary

"I highly encourage everyone with the BPD to use this book as a guide. Leland M. Heller, M.D. Author Life at the Border - Understanding and Recovering from the Borderline Personality Disorder and Biological Unhappiness" -- Leland M. Heller, M.D

"To develop a plan to assist in the recovery of patients from borderline personality disorder is a work you deserve commendation for." Raymond Fideleo, M.D.

"Very, very happy to discover Borderline and Beyond. I use it and I recommend it to my clients. Great resource!" - Laurie Johnson, PhD, Author of Field Guide to Teens

(*This app does not reduce or negate the need for actual psychotherapy. This app is only an aid to the recovery process.)